Recommended workspace size

To ensure optimal performance of the Ardoq app, we recommend creating or importing a maximum of 5,000 components and references per workspace. The ratio between components and references is entirely up to you.

Keeping your workspaces within the limit helps views, surveys and other features in Ardoq run smoothly. For views, we suggest visualizing a maximum of 1000 components and references at a time.

To reduce the number of elements shown in the view, you can use:

To get an even tidier graph and gain visibility on the components’ hierarchy, use the Grouping- by Parent or Parent all functionality. Likewise, Collapsible Groups is a great way to reduce visual clutter and enables you to analyze your data on multiple levels of granularity. It is currently available on the Block Diagram view only.

We are continuously working on improving Ardoq’s performance so keep an eye on our Product Updates collection or subscribe to our Product Newsletter via Preferences > Email preferences inside the app.

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