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Demystifying Graph Traversal

  • What: Graph Traversal in Dependency Map view.

  • New feature: Access an interactive, illustrative, and visual simulation of how graph traversal works by clicking the info icon placed inside the degrees of relationships dropdown menu.

  • Usage: Understanding Graph Traversal will help you generate successful insights. You can interact with the illustrative visual simulation; either by changing the values on the slider or hovering over the components.

  • Examples:

    Dependency Map View is great for high-level summaries and aggregations.

    • Conduct an application assessment and show your applications in their business context.

    • See the business impacts by making assessments of applications against your business capabilities.

    • Quickly see where you have too many applications supporting a capability.

    • Reveal a strong indicator of IT under-investment if you have capabilities with no applications mapped to them.

  • Suggestions: For further reading on the concept of graph traversal, refer to the Graph Traversal Knowledge Base article.

    ardoq graph traversal

An Ardoq for Everyone

  • What: UI Accessibility and, in particular, the contrast in our views.

  • New feature: We have aligned to the WCAG 2.1 Web Standard to improve the accessibility of our interactive visualizations by ensuring a 3:1 contrast ratio between container fill color & icon color and component stroke color. All views where a component name is placed inside a container (Dependency Map, Capability Map, Roadmap, Treemap, Component Matrix, and Groups in Block Diagram).

  • Why: Over 32 million American adults aged 18 and older report experiencing vision loss. When we expand to worldwide statistics, color blindness affects 4.5% or about 350 million people. We've noted this obvious need to make information and content accessible to all. Making Ardoq accessible ensures everyone has a consistent experience regardless of their age or needs.

  • Bonus: It also helps you style your components using lighter colors. This was a challenge before, but not now. Check out the before & after comparison below. 💪

    ardoq for everyone

I am not going to be a star. I am going to be a legend!

  • What: Quick enhancement win for the Capability Map view legend.

  • New feature: Color swatches in the legend.

  • Usage: Make your business insights as clear as possible for your audience.

  • Examples:

    Understanding how our applications support the business is crucial - and not only for analyzing how IT supports business operations.

    • When we can match an application to other business assets, we know we're providing a function supporting the business needs.

    • When we show connections between multiple applications to a business asset, we have a potential area for simplification.

    • The Capability Map is great for high-level summaries and aggregations.

  • Suggestions: For further reading on Capability Maps, refer to the Capability Map Knowledge Base article.

    ardoq capability map

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