Here’s a round-up of this month’s highlights:

Latest Releases

A Sleeker UI With ​​Optimized Usability for the Query Builder

We have redesigned our Query Builder to make it easier than ever to find the relevant data across your workspaces. With the new intuitive UI, you can create queries in a flash by:

  • Searching for a specific field in the field dropdown: Type the name of the field you wish to add as a rule to find it quickly. You will then be shown the fields that match your keywords.

  • Visualizing organized rules and subqueries: We have improved the layout for condition statements so it’s easier to understand which conditions are nested and which ones are not so you can create queries with ease.

  • Having clear call-to-action buttons: All buttons in the Query Builder have been labeled to ensure hassle-free query creation.

Find our sparkling new Query Builder in:

  • Reports > Advanced Search

  • Workspace > Manage > Perspectives

  • Broadcast Builder > Select Content > Add filter rules

  • Survey Builder > Workspace and Components > Use Advanced Search

  • Survey Builder > Survey Sections > Add Section > Reference Question > Use Advanced Search

A Smoother Way to Synchronize Data Between Ardoq and ServiceNow

Great news for all ServiceNow integration users! 🎉 You can now export your Ardoq data directly to ServiceNow without having to perform an initial import from ServiceNow. Previously, an initial import was needed to match the columns between the Ardoq and ServiceNow tables. This is now handled for you, which means you can seamlessly sync your data back to ServiceNow without any extra effort.

Our Bundle of Joy Is Growing Up!

What: Improvement to our Bundle capability

New feature: Files (including images, documents, and misc) stored in your source Ardoq instance global archive will now be available for copying over to your target Ardoq instance global archive.

Usage: If you have more than one Ardoq instance, it is possible to copy some or all of your data from one to another.

Examples: Multiple Ardoq instances combined with the bundling capability is a powerful asset for your organization. Purposes could include:

  • Multiple copies of your production data

  • Testing new surveys

  • Developing new models

  • Training ground for new users

The most fantastic thing about this is that you can do all this without compromising your original data or files. When you are ready to update your production instance, bundling will provide a simplified experience to copy over your data easily.

Suggestions: For further reading on our Bundle capability, refer to this Moving Data Between Two Organizations knowledge base article.

New Guides to Learn and Upskill

New Gremlin Attensi Training Module

Learn what Gremlin is and how it can help you quickly analyze your graph data to answer complex business questions. After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Read and write Gremlin queries

  • Filter and traverse your graph

  • Create calculated fields

  • Create graph filters

  • Create tabular reports

  • Define a broadcast audience

Go to Attensi to start learning! If you don’t have access to the Attensi training portal or don’t have the Insights Generator add-on, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

But wait, there’s more…

Unlock even more Gremlin knowledge with a new series of help articles that focus on explaining the basic syntax of Gremlin and how it can be applied in Ardoq. Check out the new Gremlin training articles here!

Help Articles

Business Process and Model Notation Workspace Template. A step-by-step guide on how to use our BPMN workspace template

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