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Get an overview of all the experiments running in Ardoq Labs.

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In this article, you will get all the details about Ardoq Labs, explore an overview of the latest experiments the product team is working on, as well as find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Ardoq Labs is Ardoq’s innovation hub for new and experimental product ideas - an exclusive community dedicated to early adopters. As a member of Ardoq Labs, you have the opportunity to trial our latest product experiments and contribute with feedback to their development.

Here are some important points you should know about the functionality in Ardoq Labs:

  • Fresh Ideas - The features in Ardoq Labs showcase our newest experimental concepts. You'll have a voice in shaping these ideas before their potential official release.

  • Works in Progress - Since these features are still in development, there will be some kinks to work out. Expect occasional changes, updates, and, in some cases, a hiccup or two.

  • Release Considerations - Based on your feedback, feasibility, and technical validation, some features may not make it into Ardoq permanently. Only the best will be added to the product roadmap.

How Can I Sign Up?

👉 Sign up here to become a member of the Ardoq Labs community. Once you’re in, you'll hear from our product team whenever experiments in Ardoq Labs are ready for you to start testing!

What Is Available in Ardoq Labs?

We’re regularly adding fresh experiments to Ardoq Labs. Your input is incredibly valuable in validating ideas and turning these features into something exceptional. Whether you encounter challenges or have ideas for improvement, please share your thoughts. And, of course, if you find a feature particularly useful, we'd love to hear about that too!

To share your feedback, just hop over to the Product Roadmap Portal in your instance and use the feature cards. Our product team might also sometimes send you surveys with more specific questions or invite you for user testing sessions to gather insights.

Experiments Open for Testing

If you're interested in trying out any of the features listed below in your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager and specify which features you’d like to enable in your organization.

1. AI-Powered Search Engine in Ardoq Discover

We are introducing AI-powered semantic search in Ardoq Discover, focused on understanding the meaning behind words and phrases to deliver highly relevant results to users. By comprehending user intent, even those unfamiliar with the metamodel can effortlessly find answers to their inquiries. Say hello to a smarter and more user-friendly search experience!

2. AI-Powered Component Description Generator in Surveys

The AI assistant helps survey respondents generate component descriptions automatically. No more manual input of information that is publicly available.

Interested in testing these features? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today!

Successful Experiments

Check out the winners from our Labs experiments below! These features have successfully secured a spot on our product roadmap and are currently in the final stages of development. 🚀🌟

Effortlessly Find the Right People in Ardoq Discover

Change only happens when people actively drive it, so we want to empower Ardoq users to identify and build communities and connections. We believe that architecture data will help build context-driven collaboration based on common outcomes, making it easier and faster for people to drive change.

Forty customers, early adopters from Ardoq Labs, have tested the Community sidebar in Ardoq Discover. Thanks to the valuable input from their side, the Ardoq team decided to launch a modified version of this feature, Connected People legend in Ardoq Discover.

Connected People shows all the people connected to the components in a selected view. It’s a seamless way to identify who is responsible for specific assets or processes in your organization, making it easier to connect with the right people in the right context.

This also brings us one step closer to empowering our customers to build virtual teams around the valuable insights our product provides.

Please note that this feature is available only on plans that include the Ardoq Discover add-on. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to try it out.

Enhancing Data Import Process

To make your data import process even smoother, we have been working on a new feature to simplify Excel imports. Our data type inference functionality will automatically recommend suitable data types for each column in the imported Excel file, streamlining the data import process and making it even easier for you to get your data into Ardoq.

Although still under the Ardoq Labs tag, the option to get smart suggestions on how to map your column data when importing an Excel file into Ardoq is now available in the new redesigned Excel Importer. We hope you enjoy this enhancement to your import experience!

Postponed or Abandoned Experiments

As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible experiences, we sometimes encounter the need to make adjustments to our plans. Our product team has recently reviewed their initiatives, and have decided to postpone these previously announced Ardoq Labs experiments.

  1. Simplifying Data Visualizations with Graph Transformations - apply graph transformations through rule-based inference of existing components and references to customize and streamlined data visualizations

  2. Efficiency Redefined: Let AI Optimize Your Architecture and Practices with Ardoq's AI assistant that provides real-time architecture analysis and compliance recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Ardoq Labs:

  • Who gets access to the features in Ardoq Labs?

Access to features in Ardoq Labs depends on the type of feature and its development stage and can either involve closed testing with a selected group of users or an open invitation for all Ardoq Labs subscribers. Certain features can only be enabled at the organization level (the feature will be visible to everyone with access to your Ardoq instance), while others are confined to a secure sandbox account, safeguarding your production data throughout the testing process. Invitations to test new experiments will come with more details about each specific testing process.

  • Do I need to pay for features in Ardoq Labs?

Participation in Ardoq Labs is free however, access to functionality after it goes into production will depend on your plan. Through Ardoq Labs, we're thrilled to invite you to try out a wide range of features, some of which might already be included in your plan, while others might only be available with specific paid add-ons. We’ll make it clear before the testing phase if a feature could potentially fall under a paid-on.

  • Will my data be safe?

Your data’s safety is our top priority. While the features in Ardoq Labs are experiments, we are committed to ensuring they meet our production-quality standards before introducing them into your production environment. When features are in their early development stage and not production-ready, we will provide a separate testing environment with dummy data, so that your data is kept safe. Regardless of the functionality, we will always adhere to the data protection requirements and SLAs outlined in our agreements.

Questions related to AI functionality, language model, security and privacy:

  • Which AI service powers Ardoq's AI features?

Ardoq's AI features are powered by Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service, which provides secure and efficient AI capabilities. Your input data is processed within the same Microsoft Azure instance as your backup data in your ongoing Ardoq subscription. Your input data is not shared with any other entities, including Open AI. For more details, please visit Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service webpage.

  • What language model do you use for Ardoq’s AI features?

We use the GPT-3.5 model provided by Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service.

  • Where is the AI language model hosted geographically and where is my data processed?

The AI Language model is hosted in the same location in which the base instance of Microsoft Azure used for your Ardoq subscription.

  • Do you use dedicated language models for each customer?

No, we utilize a single language model for all customers.

  • What data is processed by the AI service?

The AI service processes two categories of data: Input data (e.g., user queries) and Context data (specific information from the platform). We do not send personally identifiable information (PII) Context data to the AI service.

  • What data from the Ardoq AI feature usage is stored by Ardoq?

We only store embeddings (searchable array vectors) and the types of data searched for. The request queries and the query context are not stored.

  • Does anyone outside of our company have access to the processed data?

No, access to the processed data is not granted to any third party, including Open AI.

  • Is my data sent to OpenAI by Ardoq or Microsoft Azure OpenAI?

No. Microsoft's Azure infrastructure hosts the OpenAI models, and any data provided as context to Azure OpenAI is securely contained within the Azure OpenAI service, ensuring your data remains protected and isolated.

  • Do any other Ardoq customers have access to the processed data or is my data used to train the model for the benefit of other users?

No, access to the processed data is not granted to any third party and your data is not used to train the underlying model.

  • Is any of my data used to train or improve Microsoft, any 3rd party product or services?

No, your data is not used to train or improve any 3rd party products or services.

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