IT-Pedia Integration

Learn how to set up the IT-Pedia integration and begin the synchronization process.

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What is IT-Pedia?

IT-Pedia is a detailed library updated daily of information about millions of IT products - hardware, software and other equipment. The IT product-records provide data needed for IT planning, budgeting, purchasing and maintenance phases.

How to set up the IT-Pedia integration:

To make use of the IT-Pedia integration, you have to subscribe to Eracent's IT-Pedia offering. If you already have an account, please follow the below steps to start using the integration in Ardoq.

1. Navigate to the Integrations page.

Ardoq integrations

2. Click the IT-Pedia logo.

3. Click the Connect IT-Pedia account button. Make sure the Base URL, IT-Pedia account and IT-Pedia password all are correct.

4. Once connected, select the technology product components and technology product workspaces you would like to configure with IT-Pedia. Tip: Check out the Technology Portfolio Management Metamodel on how to ensure you are setting up the IT-Pedia connection the right way.

Please note: Currently, we don't support login credentials from e.g. Microsoft Entra ID. Please contact IT-Pedia to set up login credentials.

5. In this step you can map the fields related to technology product lifecycle, and technology product vulnerability fields

6. In the final step you can review the technology product components you have chosen to enrich. Once reviewed, click Start sync. Tip: give the sync a name to easier find back to it at a later point.

IT-Pedia attributes imported

The IT-Pedia attributes you can import to enrich your components include:

  • Hardware makes and models

  • Software versions, license types and programs, and product use rights

  • Manufacturer and reseller product codes, SKUs and UNSPSC classification data

  • Physical dimensions, weight, power utilisation, and other characteristics

  • Product End-of-Life, End-of-Sale and End-of-Support dates

  • Vendor details, and much more

Your IT-Pedia synchronization is updated daily.

Best Practice Use Cases

We recommend using the Technology Portfolio Management Use Case for mapping your IT products enriched with lifecycle and/or vulnerability data from IT-Pedia.

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