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Ardoq Views Portfolio Status
Ardoq Views Portfolio Status
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This page shows the status of all views in Ardoq's portfolio. It gives an overview of live views, views that will soon be discontinued, and views that have already been deprecated. Last verified on April 17, 2023.

Ardoq Core Views

🟒 Live

  • Block Diagram

  • Bubble Chart

  • Capability Map

  • Component Matrix

  • Dependency Map

  • Dependency Matrix

  • Dependency Wheel

  • Pages

  • Reference Table

  • Spider Chart

  • Swimlanes

  • Tables

  • Tagscape

  • Timeline

  • Treemap

🟠 Soon to be discontinued (deprecated)

  • Legacy Relationships (Have questions or concerns about this topic? Book a Calendly Meeting to get them addressed quickly)

To ensure a smooth transition, follow the actionable steps outlined in our Ardoq Views Migration Guide. The detailed guide will help you move quickly and confidently to enhanced views for both soon-to-be deprecated and fully deprecated views.

πŸ”΄ Deprecated

  • Roadmap View

  • Legacy Dependency Map

  • Aggregation

  • API Documentation

  • Heatmap

  • Process Flow

  • Sequence Diagram

Ardoq Discover Views

🟒 Live

  • Dependency Map

  • Legacy Relationships

  • Simple Block Diagram

  • Timeline

🟠 Soon to be discontinued (deprecated)

  • (none)

πŸ”΄ Deprecated

  • (none)

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