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Ardoq Reimagined: A Faster Way to Uncover Insights
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Today, we're thrilled to announce that the eagerly awaited upgrades to the Ardoq platform are now live in beta! Watch the video below or continue reading to learn all about them.

What’s New

With our reimagined interface, you can now experience a faster, simpler, and more streamlined way to create visualizations and answer critical business questions. Here's what's new in beta:

  • New Way to Access And Visualize Data: Say farewell to the complexities of navigating through entire workspaces and welcome the efficiency of directly accessing and sharing the specific components you need from the outset. Stay tuned for upcoming AI enhancements of this feature.

  • Component Overview Page: Access information you need at your fingerprints. Available both in the main app and Ardoq Discover as the new navigation path for the wider organization.

  • Self-service solutions: As an admin user, you can now download pre-built assets in your organization with just one click and achieve quicker time-to-value.

  • Ardoq New Look And Feel: A refreshed look across the Ardoq platform, featuring a captivating color palette and sleek styles that are easy on the eyes.

Additionally, we bring you the beta version of Approvals in Surveys. This new feature provides centralized control, allowing you to effortlessly approve and manage changes to your data. This enhancement improves the quality of your enterprise architecture.

What You Need To Know

We recognize that change can be challenging. That's why we've made the transition to our new features as seamless as possible.

  • These updates are now automatically enabled for all users in your organization. Ardoq admins have the flexibility to disable some of these features under Feature Settings at any time, though we welcome your feedback in helping us perfect these upgrades.

  • Please note that the Component Overview Page in Ardoq Discover, Approvals in Survey, and Self-serve Solutions cannot be disabled using this feature toggle. If you wish to opt out of these features, reach out to us via in-app support.

  • The old interface will be phased out over time. Rest assured, your workspaces and all the functionalities you've come to depend on will remain available throughout this transition and beyond.

  • To support your exploration of these updates, we're preparing detailed training materials and live sessions outlined in the section below.

Training Support

We are committed to supporting you through your learning journey with a variety of training materials and sessions. Here's what you can expect to see:

  • A New Attensi Course on Enhanced Viewpoint Building Functionality to guide you and your team through the upgraded functionality available on May 14th.

  • Webinar Invitation: Save the date for a webinar on June 4th, where we will walk you through the new changes and answer your questions. Register now to secure your spot!

  • Customer Support Availability: Ardoq customer support hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM CET to 5:00 PM PST (2:00 AM CET the following day). We accept support requests 24/7, but our team is available to assist during these business hours.

  • Knowledge Base Articles: Our help articles are updated to reflect the latest updates and functionalities:

Experience the power of Ardoq's game-changing upgrades and unlock the full potential of your organization's data.

How to Disable or Enable These Changes

Only users with the role "Administrator" can opt out of and opt in back into this open beta. To disable it:

  1. Navigate to Preferences and hover over the arrow. Next, select Organization settings.

  2. Choose the Feature Settings tab.

  3. Toggle off (on) the "Seamless Data Exploration" feature toggle if you want to disable (enable) latest changes in your organization.

To quickly access the Feature Settings tab, simply replace "YourOrgName" in the following URL with your organization's name, then copy and paste it into your browser.

The features included in this beta, which will become inaccessible to you and all users in your organization if you choose to disable the beta, are:

If you'd like to opt out of the Component Overview Page in Ardoq Discover and/or Survey Response Approvals betas, please reach out to us directly.

We'd love to hear your thoughts—your feedback is crucial in helping us refine and perfect these enhancements. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support team at or via the in-app chat.

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