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Bundles’ Technical Limitations

Use Case Bundles limitations and steps to mitigating these

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  • Ardoq offers Use Case Guides to help users quickly solve problems and generate insights.

  • Each Use Case includes pre-configured assets such as metamodels, dashboards, workspaces, presentations, surveys, reports etc.

  • As more Use Cases are developed there may be situations where manual configurations need to be performed due to technical limitations in how the Use Cases are deployed.

  • To mitigate these limitations Ardoq has provided step-by-step instructions on how they can be addressed. Note that an Ardoq admin is needed for this task.

  • Support from the Ardoq team is available throughout the process via chat or other means of communication


At Ardoq we offer Use Case Guides which are our best practice approach on how to solve specific objectives or achieve a specific outcome. They help you realize value quickly by providing pre-configured assets that can be populated with data to deliver business outcomes. Use Case Guides are for everyone looking for a fast and easy way to solve problems and generate insights quickly.

We are rolling out Use Cases rapidly. They are not developed as stand-alone processes, but rather as progressive steps in a larger Enterprise Architecture Plan that every Ardoq customer embarks upon when they sign up. The guides build on one another to deliver more organizational insight and mature your overall architecture practice as you go.

The development of a packed roadmap of new Use Cases, however, has a trade-off. In some situations, the deployment of Use Cases may result in the need for minor, manual, configuration updates to offset technical limitations.

The limitation may be inconvenient, but we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are committed to delivering a better solution in the future, and the limitation will be addressed as soon as possible.

As a result, we have developed a workaround that ensures that each time you add a Use Case to your existing journey, you can access written instructions on how to connect the Use Cases.

How can I tell if I am impacted?

As you mature on your Ardoq journey, you might consider deploying several Use Case Bundles to address more projects and strategic initiatives in your organization. Due to the Use Case Bundles serving different business aspects, there are some different characteristics amongst the pre-configured components (e.g., fields, workspaces, surveys, reports, and presentations) that may result in encountering challenges when loading Use Case Bundles on top of each other. For example, this could cause some fields to be missing or reports and presentations not to display correctly. Below is an example of a message that could be displayed when loading Use Case Bundles on top of each other:

Workarounds available to you

Based on the Use Cases you have deployed, we've provided workaround guides.

You will need a team member in your organization who can modify Ardoq's configuration (metamodels, fields, broadcasts, and reports). Your Ardoq admins are typically responsible for this.


Whether you are a new or an experienced customer, our technical support team will be available to help you overcome any knowledge or technical hurdles throughout the migration process. In Ardoq, select 'Chat with us'.

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