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What Are Ardoq’s Use Case Guides and Who Can Use Them?
What Are Ardoq’s Use Case Guides and Who Can Use Them?

Overview of the Use Case Guides, what they are comprised of, and how they fit into your existing Ardoq Organization and functionality.

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The Use Case Guides are Ardoq’s best practice approach on how to solve specific objectives or achieve a specific business outcome. They help you realize value quickly by providing pre-configured assets that can be populated with data to deliver business outcomes. Use Case Guides are for everyone looking for a fast and easy way to solve problems and generate insights quickly.

Use Case Guides currently available:

What is Included?

Use Case Guides are made up of two key components:

Each Use Case Bundle consists of the following pre-configured assets:

  • Metamodel (Component & Reference types, Fields)

  • Workspaces

  • Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Discover Viewpoints

  • Presentations

  • Import & Integration templates

  • Surveys

  • Broadcasts

  • Scenarios

  • Sample Data (if desired)

These assets can be loaded into any organization and found in the Use Case Materials folder. They are self-contained and will not impact any existing data stored within the organization. Assets can be moved around or removed (all or in part) if desired.

The core set of assets needed to document the enterprise architecture is available in the base Ardoq platform - Workspaces, Metamodel, and Import & Integration templates. Some assets, such as Broadcasts, Scenarios, and Discover Viewpoints, requires features that are available as add-ons. Please contact your Ardoq Organization Administrator or Customer Success Manager if you do not have access to these features.

Who Can Access These Guides?

All Ardoq customers have access to the Use Case Guides from within the Ardoq platform in order to achieve quicker time-to-value.

What if My Organization Doesn’t Have Access to a Feature?

We understand that not all customers have purchased all Ardoq features. Regardless of the features or functionality that is included in your plan, the Use Case Guides were built to guide you through the process and provide you with the technique to help you reach your objectives.

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