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Ardoq's Attensi Training Platform
How to Get Access and Sign In to the Attensi Training Platform
How to Get Access and Sign In to the Attensi Training Platform

Learn how to request access to Ardoq's training platform, Attensi, and the steps required to log in.

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How To Sign Up To Ardoq's Attensi Training Platform

To be added as a user, please contact our Support team at or via our in-app chat. Note: Attensi Training is only available to Ardoq customers.

How To Sign In To The Attensi Training Platform

Given that you have been added to Ardoq's Attensi Training Platform:

  1. Head over to to log in.

  2. Enter the email or phone number you provided us to add you as a user in Attensi.

  3. Click on 'Send' to receive a one-time sign-in code.

  4. Type the code in on the next page and you will be logged in.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

I cannot log in with my correct login details

If you can’t log in after entering the correct login details, we suggest double-checking that you are entering the right email address and password. Please make sure that no spacing is added.

If you still can’t log in, please contact us via email at or via our in-app chat.

I am not receiving the one-time sign-in code

If you selected "Email" as your log-in method, please search for the 'Email confirmation' subject email or sender. If you still don't see the one-time sign-in code email in your primary inbox, we recommend checking your Junk or Spam folders.

If you selected 'SMS' as your login method, please make sure you have good reception and that ‘paid services’ or similar are not blocked. You can toggle this setting off in Settings.

Please don't hesitate to reach us at or via the in-app chat if the issue persists or you are running into an issue that is not currently addressed here.

I am unable to use attensi due to firewall Issues

Please refer to the following link for whitelisting specifications

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