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How to Give Users Access to Dashboards Outside of Core Ardoq
How to Give Users Access to Dashboards Outside of Core Ardoq

Allow stakeholders to explore aggregated data in Ardoq Discover regardless of whether you have access to Ardoq Discover already.

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Share Discover dashboards with any user regardless of whether they have the Discover privilege enabled or whether your organization has the Ardoq Discover add-on.

Fetch a “Discover dashboard URL” from core Ardoq and share it with stakeholders so they can explore aggregated data right from Ardoq Discover. From there, they can drill down into the reports they have access to.

With Dashboards for Ardoq Discover, you can now:

  • Present relevant data to the right stakeholders in an easy-to-digest format

  • Enable stakeholders to visualize, track, and explore assets by themselves

  • Provide stakeholders with a better understanding of where improvements are needed

  • Aid decision making by enabling the discovery of insights

Table of contents:

How to Give Users Access to Dashboards in Discover

1. Grant the right access

For a user to successfully open a "Discover dashboard URL", make sure to:

  • Add them to your Ardoq organization as an Administrator, Writer, Reader, or Contributor user. Learn how to invite users to your organization here.

  • Add them to the dashboard you intend to share with them. To do so:

    1. Navigate to the Dashboard Overview page or Home page

    2. Select the “Permissions” option in the three dots menu

    3. Assign them the Administrator, Writing, or Read-only permission. Learn more about permissions in this KB article.

2. Share a "Discover dashboard URL"

Given that you have the admin user role, navigate to the Dashboards Overview page or the Home page in core Ardoq and:

  1. Click on the three dots menu to the right of a dashboard

  2. Select “Copy Discover dashboard URL”

  3. Share the Discover dashboard URL via email or your preferred communication channel

Alternatively, you can hover over a dashboard and click on the "Open" button. It will open the dashboard in Ardoq Discover. From there, copy the Ardoq Discover dashboard URL from the address bar and share it with your stakeholders.

How to Drill Down Into Granular Data

To reveal the underlying data of any given chart, click on the "View report" or "View survey" button in the top right corner. Next, you can dive deeper into details and visualize single report components in context-driven viewpoints.

Ardoq reports drill down

What You Need To Know

  • When opening a Discover dashboard URL, users who belong to an organization that:

    • Has the Discover add-on and has the Discover privilege enabled can:

      If a user belongs to an organization that has the Discover add-on but does not have the Discover privilege enabled, they are not able to drill down from a report to a viewpoint.

    • Does not have access to Ardoq Discover yet can:

      Users who belong to an organization that doesn’t have the Discover add-on cannot drill down from a report to a viewpoint.

  • You can request to disable the “Discover dashboard URL” feature for specific dashboards. Simply contact our friendly Support team via the in-app chat or send us an email at

  • Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you want free access to Ardoq Discover. They will enable it for you for free with limited access for five users.

When to Share Presentations and Dashboards

Use Presentations to create and tell compelling, context-driven stories that speak to each stakeholder with no manual drawings.

Share dashboards in Discover so stakeholders can visualize and track assets relevant to them, and so they can explore the architecture to make informed business decisions.

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