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Ardoq's Attensi Training Platform
How to Get Started with Ardoq's Attensi Training Platform
How to Get Started with Ardoq's Attensi Training Platform

Learn what the Attensi Training Platform is, the minimum requirements to run it, how to access it and log in.

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What Is Attensi?

Attensi is a gamified simulation training platform that will show you how to perform different tasks in Ardoq through a series of challenging, entertaining games.

In the Attensi platform, you can safely interact with the Ardoq application, learn the core functionalities and what you can achieve with them, and receive the Ardoq Fundamentals Certification after completing all modules with four stars or more.

How To Access The Attensi Training Platform?

Please reach out to Ardoq support team via the in-app chat or by sending an email to to get a user account created. Kindly share the organization name if you are an existing customer.

You can log in to the Attensi Training Platform by following this link. Find more information about how to log in here.

How To Start Ardoq's Training?

There are two ways in which you can play Ardoq's simulation training in Attensi. You can run the simulation on your browser or on your computer. If you choose to play the simulation on your computer you will need to install the Attensi Launcher. Please double-check you have administrator privileges on your computer to install it.

Below the steps you need to follow to start Ardoq's training on each mode:

Play in your browser

  1. Once logged in, open the 'Ardoq Product Training' journey.

  2. Click the 'Play' button.

  3. Select 'Play in your browser'.

Play on your computer

  1. Navigate to the 2-line menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Download the Attensi Launcher.

  3. Open the file and follow the installation instructions.

  4. Open the 'Ardoq Product Training' journey and select 'Play'.

  5. Alternatively, you can head to to download the Attensi Launcher. The instructions are currently available in Norwegian only.

Once you have logged in and opened the 'Ardoq Product Training', select any of the modules to get started. We recommend practising in Guided mode first before you proceed with the Get certified route.

Ardoq attensi guided mode

The Guided track helps you navigate the app and allows you to complete the training without affecting your score. When you feel ready, test your knowledge and collect stars in the Get certified mode to rise in the ranks. Complete all modules with four stars or more to receive Ardoq Fundamentals Certification. 🥇

What Devices Support The Attensi Training Platform?

The Attensi Training Platform can run on devices that have the following minimum requirements:

> Windows:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher

  • CPU: 4th generation Intel core i5 or higher, or compatible

  • GPU: DirectX 11/Shader Model 3.0 compatible

  • Memory: 2 GB total RAM+VRAM

  • Hard drive: 500 MB free disk space


  • Operating system: OS X 10.11 or higher

  • CPU: 4th generation Intel core i5 or higher, or compatible

  • GPU: Shader Model 3.0 compatible

  • Memory: 2 GB total RAM+VRAM

  • Hard drive: 500 MB free disk space

> WebGL:

  • Windows: Latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

  • Mac: Latest versions of Safari

  • Other: Mac OS or Windows minimum requirements apply

All devices require a stable internet connection.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Downloading and installing the Attensi Launcher

  • How to resume a download after a lost connection

    If you lost Internet connection half way through a download, please cancel the download and start again.

    We recommend using an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi when starting the Attensi Training Platform.

  • The Attensi Launcher installation failed

    Please make sure to have administrator privileges on the computer you are installing the Attensi Launcher. If you don't have administrator privileges, please contact the owner of the computer, set your profile to administrator or contact your IT team to help you install it.

    If you still have issues installing the Attensi Launcher, don't hesitate to email us at or reach out via our in-app chat.

  • Microsoft Edge error message reads “Did you mean to switch apps? Microsoft Edge is trying to open AttensiLauncher”

    Simply select 'Yes' to start the training.

  • When you click on “Ardoq Product Training” from the landing-page to start the training, Microsoft Edge will ask you if you do mean to switch apps. Here you will need to click YES to start the training

  • How to update the Attensi Launcher to the latest version

    The Attensi Launcher updates automatically when the simulation is started.

Playing Ardoq's Attensi Simulation Training

  • The simulation training is taking a long time to start

    Please allow some extra time for the Attensi desktop app or browser-based app to start if it is the first time you are running it. The Attensi Training Platform requires multiple files to operate, which are downloaded immediately after the application is opened.

    In future sessions, the Attensi application should start much faster unless additional files need to be downloaded as part of an update.

  • The simulation training is unresponsive or returns a black screen

    Depending on your internet connection, it may take some time before the simulation starts.

    If the issue persists, we recommend restarting your computer and running few applications or programs simultaneously. Please make sure your computer meets the required technical specifications and that the graphics driver is up to date.

  • I am not showing up in the leaderboards

    Please double-check the anonymous mode is off. In the simulation training, click on Settings and disable the 'I want to be anonymous' toggle.

Ardoq attensi leaderboard

If you have any questions or running into an issue that is not currently addressed here, please don't hesitate to reach us at or via the in-app chat.

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