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Backups and Data Retention Pattern
Backups and Data Retention Pattern

Find out how long Ardoq keeps your data and when backups are made.

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The Ardoq Cloud Platform is hosted across several cloud infrastructure availability zones. All customer data is backed up and stored in encrypted form at a separate cloud infrastructure provider. Production environments are instrumented using Infrastructure-as-Code technologies such as Terraform and Ansible. This allows for rapid re-deployment. Disaster response drills are conducted quarterly.

Ardoq performs backups of customer data only. Each customer’s database is backed up separately as part of primary backups.

Ardoq follows a standard data retention pattern. Part of this is backing up data every night. In addition, weekly, monthly, and yearly backup snapshots are taken of customer data.

The backup retention schedule looks like this:

Type of Backup

Number of Backups Retained









We keep a daily backup for the last 30 days, weekly backups for 8 weeks, monthly for 6 months, and yearly for 3 years.

For expired subscriptions, backups are no longer made and the data is deleted after 90 days.

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