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Setting the Locale for Date and Number Formatting
Setting the Locale for Date and Number Formatting

Find out how you easily can change the locale to format dates and numbers according to your preferences.

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The default date format, number format, and the sorting order of your report results in Ardoq is determined by the locale selected in your browser. Some browsers may use the computer's default language. However, the locale can be overridden in your Ardoq user settings.

To change the locale in Ardoq:

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Your account settings.

    Ardoq account settings
  2. In the Profile tab, select your preferred language from the "Locale" dropdown. You can see how date and numbers are formatted in the selected language.

  3. Save and refresh Ardoq to see the date and number format changed to the format you selected across the app. Open a report to see your components or references sorted alphabetically according to the selected language.

US locale

Ardoq US locale

British English locale

Ardoq British English locale
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