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"Go to ..." Quick Search
"Go to ..." Quick Search
Use Ardoq's powerful search functionality to find the data you are looking for. Just navigate to the top of the app.
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Once you start to capture a mass of data, it becomes important for yourself and also your colleagues to be able to easily find what they are looking for.

Ardoq has a powerful search functionality. You can find the "Go to ..." quick search field at the top at all times in the app. You can search for components by title or field values, and jump straight to workspaces. The search field is not case-sensitive.

Ardoq search field

If you wish to narrow your search, use the search modifiers below the search input. Limiting your search to open workspaces (1) is especially handy to search for content only in the workspace that you currently have open. Further, specify what you are looking for by filtering in or out the different resources (2).

Ardoq search filter

When you need fine-grained search capabilities you should use the Advanced Search or the even more powerful Graph Search.

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