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Using the "Go to ..." Quick Search Bar in Ardoq
Using the "Go to ..." Quick Search Bar in Ardoq

Use Ardoq's powerful search functionality to find the data you are looking for. Just navigate to the top of the app.

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From workspaces, components, and references, easily find what you are looking for from the "Go to..." quick search bar located at the top of the Home page and available across all opened workspaces.

Refine Your Search

To refine your search and achieve more precise results, click on the "Go to..." quick search bar. This action reveals various search modifiers, offering you tailored tools to narrow down your search effectively. Search by:

  • Name or description: Select this option to search for any workspace, component, or reference whose name (display text) or description matches or contains the searched keyword.

    To narrow down your search to only workspaces, components, references, or open workspaces only, tick the relevant boxes in the "Search" and "Results" section below. Limiting your search to open workspaces is especially handy to search for content only in the workspace that you currently have open.

  • Component field value: Search for components using field values. Begin by entering the desired field value into the "Go to..." quick search bar. Then, use the "Filter fields to search in" dropdown to select the specific field where this value is stored. For instance, if you're looking for components with a particular Ardoq ID (e.g. "123), you would enter the ID number in the quick search bar and then choose the corresponding field (Ardoq ID) from the dropdown menu.

When you need fine-grained search capabilities you should use the Advanced Search or the even more powerful Graph Search.

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