Restore Deleted Contents

Learn how to easily restore (undelete or undo) deleted components and references from your workspace menu.

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Restore Deleted Contents

To restore (undelete/undo) deleted components and references select “Restore deleted components and references” from the Workspace menu.

Be aware that we only can restore deleted contents from the last hour/60 minutes.

If more than 60 minutes have passed since you deleted the data, and if you cannot recreate the deleted data manually, and if you are looking into restoring large amounts of deleted/lost data or entire workspaces, you can contact Ardoq's customer support at and enquire if they can look into this and help. However, we cannot make any promises that the data can be restored or give you a specific resolution time. The data restore process from backups is a manual operation, and as such is time-consuming and prone to error.

Ardoq workspace menu

Then select the component or reference to restore:

Ardoq select components to restore

If you select a component, we will show you the consequences of undeleting that particular component, such as restoring tags, references, and child components. Then click the button “Restore component and related changes” to restore it.

Ardoq restore components
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