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View Workspace History and Revert Changes
View Workspace History and Revert Changes

Not sure you made changes to your workspace? See where you can find a log of edits to your workspace and undo them with just a few clicks. 

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Use Audit log to see changes made within a workspace and restore previous values for components and references.

You can reach Audit log directly by navigating to the Preferences menu > Audit log. Apply the Workspace filter to see changes for a single or multiple selected workspaces.

Alternatively, open a workspace and navigate to the Sidebar menu at the top right corner of the screen. Select the "Workspace" tab and choose "View workspace history".

You will be redirected to Audit log with the workspace filter applied.

Alternatively, navigate to the "Component" tab or the "Reference" tab in the Sidebar, select a component or reference from the workspace and component navigator or view, and select "View history". You will redirected to Audit log where you can see changes for the selected component or reference.

It is currently possible to see changes for the last 30 days from the current date and to revert changes for updated components and references as long as they have not been deleted.

To revert changes:

  1. Expand a component or reference row that has been updated.

  2. Check the “Changed from” column to see the value that you would be restoring.

  3. Click “Restore” to the right of the screen.

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