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Manage Files with Document Archive
Manage Files with Document Archive

Learn how you can use Ardoq's archive drag-and-drop functionality to upload files and link them to your components.

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Manage Files

You can upload files to a workspace by clicking the File Archive button on the upper right corner, when you have a workspace open.

The Document Archive supports drag-and-drop functionality for files and folders.

To add files:

  1. Click on the “Document archive" button.

ardoq document archive

2.Upload a file.

ardoq upload file

Download, delete or rename files

To delete or edit files hover over the file, click on the drop-down menu and select the action you wish.

ardoq files

Global and local workspace document archives

ardoq document archive

The above screenshot shows two panes; the Global document archive and the document archive for the Applications workspace.

Documents, images and icons in the global document archive is accessible by all Ardoq users and contributors. That means that icons stored here can be used in all workspaces, and will work in all presentations that are shared. The workspace document archives follow the same permissions as the workspace.

NB! Content in the global document archive is not available in public presentations. Icons used in public presentations must be located in the workspace document archives.


How to attach a document/Image to components via the component description.

This can be achieved by navigating to the component properties,

1. Link Document from Document Archive.

2. Attach image from Document Archive.

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