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Change Component Icons to Images
Change Component Icons to Images

Custom images can enhance your components' visual appeal.

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You can replace the icons representing Components with custom images.

The use of images as icons enhances engagement by making your content visually appealing, engaging, and easy to understand.

  • Images play an important role in your storytelling

  • Visual images convey information in a memorable and recognizable way

Pro Tip: In Ardoq, we strongly recommend modeling people as distinct components, not just fields - such as names or email addresses - on another component type. Wouldn't it be better to use the profile picture of the person instead of the icon? Our Azure Active Directory People Integration allows you to import profile pictures directly from Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Entra ID).

Ardoq how to model people as components

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Changing All Components of a Component Type:

Adding images to the document archive is easy. At the top-right of Ardoq, click the archive button to open the document archive:

Ardoq document archive

Drag and drop images directly into the document archive or upload them

Ardoq document archive add images

Editing your model is the next step. By using the model window, you can make changes to the current model. From the main menu, select "Manage component types and models":

Ardoq manage component types and model

Choose an image from the previously uploaded ones for the component you want to change. As shown in the following example, we change the application component to show an Image rather than an icon.

Simply exit the screen after selecting the image, as it will autosave.

Ardoq application workspace

Now all your components of that type will be updated!

Changing a single component icon

You can edit a single component by right-clicking it and selecting “Edit Style ”:

Ardoq edit style

Simply select your uploaded image and click "Change" to save it.

Ardoq select image

Image Icons can be Dragged and Dropped onto Components in Block Diagram

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Drag your image icon onto your Block Diagram visualization

  2. There will be a Drop Zone (dashed lines) around components where you can drop your image icon

  3. Select the component you want to use and drop your image icon there

  4. A copy of the image icon will be automatically uploaded to the workspace's document archive

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