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Bulk Editing Components

Make changes to your components at speed by using bulk editing actions through keyboard shortcuts or simple clicks.

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Some component editing actions can be done in bulk.

Selecting multiple components

In the navigator, hold down Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) to manually select multiple components, or hold down shift to select a range of components.

Note that simply clicking a component to focus on it does not include it in the selection, you’ll need to Cmd/Ctrl or Shift-click that component as well.

selecting multiple components

Drag components to reorder or change the hierarchy

You can drag selected components into new positions at their current level, or move them to a different hierarchy level. You can move them of course depends on the hierarchy rules of your model. This example uses a flexible model, so the components can be placed at any hierarchy level:

Ardoq drag components

Bulk edit component properties

By right-clicking on the selected components, you can edit the properties and fields that exist in all of the component types. Whatever change you make in this dialog will be applied to all selected components.

Ardoq bulk edit component properties

Bulk tag components

Using the Tagscape view, you can drag multiple components from the navigator to a tag to apply it to them.

Ardoq bulk tag components

Bulk delete components

Using the same methods shown above, you can bulk delete components by selecting them all, right-clicking, and selecting “Delete”.

Current limitations:

  • This only works within one workspace at a time.

  • The bulk edit properties window doesn’t show values for the fields. Ex: If you change the color, save, then re-open edit properties, the color field will appear blank even though they are all the same color.

  • Only applies to components. References are not included in this functionality.

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