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How to Create A Report Alert Broadcast
How to Create A Report Alert Broadcast

Get notified about changes on key metrics to stay on top of your portfolio performance and identify areas where improvements can be made.

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With Report Alert Broadcasts, you can effortlessly stay informed about changes in the report aggregate. Know whether your aggregated cost has gone above a certain value or if the risk score has crossed a threshold, without manual checks.

You're protected from receiving repetitive emails. Broadcasts aren't sent repeatedly at each interval if the condition remains met. Instead, broadcasts are only sent when the condition changes from unmet to met, ensuring you receive notifications only when necessary.

Table of contents:

How to Create a Report Alert Broadcast

1. Access the Broadcast Builder

You can access the Broadcast Builder directly from a report. Simply, open a report from the Report overview page and click on the "Create Broadcast" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Alternatively, create a new broadcast from the Home page > Create new > Broadcast or from the Broadcasts menu on the side navigation bar > Create new broadcast.

2. Fill out each section in the Broadcast Builder

  • Step 1: Select content

To set up a Report Alert broadcast:

  1. Select “Report alert” on the Content type dropdown.

  2. Next, select the report that contains the field you want to get notified about from the Report dropdown.

  3. Define when you should get notified by defining a value for each dropdown in the query builder.

    1. Column: Select a field exposed in your report that you want to be notified about. To get notified about multiple fields, you'll need to create a broadcast per field.

    2. Aggregate: Select the aggregate that you want to set a threshold for. The available aggregates vary according to the selected field.

    3. Condition: Choose a rule operator to determine the logic for when the broadcast should be sent. Choose between:

      1. Is higher than

      2. Is lower than

      3. Equal to

      4. Not equal

    4. Value: Enter a numeric value to define a threshold.

👉 Note: To determine when the notification should send, see Step 5: Select schedule & reminder below.

When creating a broadcast directly from a report, the content type and report are already preselected in the Broadcast Builder. The column and aggregate are also preselected given the report is sorted by a field and has a default aggregate defined.

  • Step 2: Select audience

    Now, it's time to define who should receive the broadcast and be notified about changes in the report aggregate.

    In the "Select audience" section, click on the “Add audience” button and choose:

    1. From group or individual email to send the broadcast to one single group email or one single user.

    2. From People workspace in Ardoq to build your audience directly from a workspace of type people. To create a people workspace, navigate to the Home page > Create new > Workspace > Select “People, organization, and roles” from the side menu and select “People Workspace Template”.

  • Step 4: How the report will be shared in your message

    Now, it's time to decide whether the report linked in your message should open in Ardoq or Discover.

  • Step 5: Select schedule & reminder

    When setting up a broadcast, you can specify the timing for sending the notifications and decide whether you would like to receive reminders if the threshold continues to be met after a certain period of time since the initial broadcast was sent.

    To set a schedule:

    1. Select a schedule type:

      1. Run a repeating broadcast: Schedule a broadcast to send every time the threshold is met at a given interval. When running a repeating broadcast, reports will be recalculated at every interval.

      2. Run a single broadcast: Send a one-off broadcast to your selected audience.

    2. Choose a start date from which the broadcast will start sending.

    3. If running a repeating broadcast, select how often the broadcast should be sent. You can select to send hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly broadcasts.

    To set a reminder, select one of the following options from the Reminder dropdown:

    • 1 day after first schedule

    • 3 days after first schedule

    • 7 days after first schedule

    • 14 after first schedule

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