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This article provides definition of terms that we use on the details page of Ardoq Discover.

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Some words you might find in Ardoq Discover may not be obvious to everyone. This brief glossary will help you get familiar with these terms.

Let's dive deeper into the terms you can see in the small window placed in the bottom right corner of the details page:

Component type - is a category of the component. An example of the component type is the Application, Business Capability, Person, etc.

Component - is a single unit, a specific object of the component type and an essential part of your organization’s data. If “Applications” is a component type then “Hubspot” can be a component.

Reference is a connection between two components. For example:

  • a person with a job role (component type) “Marketing Manager” (component), is an expert in (➡️reference) Hubspot,

  • or Hubspot (component) is stored in (⬅️reference) Active Directory (component).

Conditional formatting helps you understand what a specific color (if set up by an admin) means.

Viewpoint - is a predefined view / ‘template’ designed to answer a specific question or address a concern of a particular user or role.

The viewpoints provide a foundation for all data visualizations in Ardoq Discover.

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