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Using Broadcasts With Ardoq Discover

Bring your audience straight to the Ardoq Discover interface, giving these interactions a new level of visibility and value.

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Use Broadcasts when you’re ready to connect users to your Ardoq Discover. It sends direct links to Ardoq Discover. With Broadcasts, Ardoq administrators can send out messages, alerts, and survey invitations. Direct links bring their audience straight to the Ardoq Discover interface, giving these interactions a new level of visibility and value.

What Is 'Broadcasts'?

Broadcasts is Ardoq's automated messaging platform. While it's not part of the Ardoq Discover package, Broadcasts functionality has been enhanced specifically to make its use with Ardoq Discover seamless.

Broadcasts has its own dedicated section in Ardoq's Knowledge Base.

Sending a Message Broadcast to Ardoq Discover

In a message broadcast, the message’s component list can contain direct URL links to the relevant Details Page for each component.

For example, a component list that contains SAP ERP takes the recipient directly to SAP ERP’s Details Page when they click on it.

What’s more, the Ardoq administrator can choose which Viewpoint in Ardoq Discover they want to send the user to. Then, the admin can match the Viewpoint with the broadcast message filter condition.

For example, if the Ardoq administrator wants to notify Application Owners of new Projects impacting their applications and send them to a visualization of those impacts, they can:

  • Set up a Message Broadcast with a Component Type of Application.

  • Set a Reference Filter Condition to look for new References of Type Impacts and Created Dates after a week ago.

  • Use a predefined people query audience type of Owns.

  • In How the component list will be shared in your message, select Links to the component details page in Discover

  • Select a Viewpoint (previously set up in Discover) showing impacts for that application, grouped by the owner of the impacting project.

Sending a Survey Broadcast to Ardoq Discover

When the user receives an email message from Broadcasts, the message’s links will open directly to the Surveys in Ardoq Discover. This option is similar to the existing option to send a broadcast message with a list of direct links, which will open the survey directly rather than via a landing page.

Ardoq Discover surveys will open in the Ardoq Discover Details Page for that component, and users can directly see their data changes updated in the Ardoq Discover interface. This differs from using Surveys in Ardoq’s normal program, where the Surveys interface has a number of drop-in points.

To use this option, set up a survey broadcast as before and select a List of direct links to each survey with dynamic visuals in Discover in the How the component list will be shared in your message section.

The result will be a broadcast message with a component list. When the recipient clicks on each item in the list, it takes them directly to the survey inside Ardoq Discover.

Using Broadcasts to send out a message, notification, or alert is a great way to drive targeted action. Messages don’t need to be complex. Often, just informing people that something has happened - or is about to happen - has value.

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