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The Ardoq Customer Product Portal
The Ardoq Customer Product Portal

Get familiar with the Ardoq Customer Product Portal and our process for prioritizing product feedback

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What Is the Ardoq Customer Product Portal

We want to be sure that Ardoq is ever-evolving to meet the needs of you, our customers, which is why we created the Ardoq Customer Product Portal. This is where you can view what we are working on, what we are about to work on, and where you can easily share insightful ideas with us on how to develop and improve the platform. We heartily welcome your ideas as they have the potential to revolutionize the work of many other users as well.

Submitting an idea to the Product Portal is simple, just follow the prompts in-app to get to the portal, write a summary of your awesome idea, and press "Submit" to get that idea sent straight to us.

In your summary, please let us know:

  • What is the situation you are experiencing?

  • What is the motivation for your suggested change?

  • What are the outcomes you expect from this change?

At Ardoq, we are big fans of using job stories to frame product feedback. A job story has the following structure:

When (________), I want to (________), so I can (_______)

Situation Motivation Expected outcome

When possible, we recommend using the job stories format to submit product feedback.

Here are some examples of how job stories look like:

  • Example 1: “When trying to show projects in a workspace using timeline view, I want to be able to zoom in timeline view, so I can focus on the relevant projects on a specific time window.”

  • Example 2: “When trying to show the progress of projects in a workspace using timeline view to decision-makers as an EA, I want to be able to zoom in timeline view, so I can focus on the relevant projects on a specific time window and avoid useless information.”

Note: You can access the Product Portal from your Ardoq instance by navigating to Help & Support > Product portal

What happens after you submit your feedback?

The Ardoq Customer Product Portal Process

Currently, we receive over 150 fabulous ideas every month, with new ones streaming in daily.

At regular intervals throughout the week we:

  • Review your ideas, every single one

  • Identify which ideas align with our big-picture goals for the product

  • Add new ideas prioritized for consideration to the "Under Consideration" tab in the Portal to be voted on and collect additional feedback

  • Ensure ideas are moved to the appropriate phase and tab based on recent progress

The development process at Ardoq is ongoing which is why we don’t have fixed quarterly or yearly releases. With this approach, new solutions, new features, and enhancements to existing features are rolled out at a much higher frequency, in a matter of minutes, days, or weeks instead of quarters or longer.

How Ideas Are Prioritized and Managed

Ideas submitted to the Product Portal are sorted into 5 main tabs:

  1. Under Consideration: Where ideas on the backlog with a validated problem and solution are published for you to vote on and share additional feedback.

  2. Planned: These ideas have a clear implementation plan and are prioritized by the product team to be worked on in the near future. In the prioritization process, the product team takes into account other potential factors such as market position, profitability, and potential usefulness to the majority of our customers.

  3. Under Way: Your idea has gone into development. It is possible that it has been grouped together with other ideas to meet the overall vision. Everyone who has voted on this idea will also be notified.

  4. Early Access: We are testing your idea thoroughly. At this stage, customers are invited to join our open or closed beta.

  5. Launched: Your idea is live in Ardoq! Did you like it? Do share with your Customer Success Manager or Partner Account Manager how it has answered your questions. We welcome all feedback.

We greatly appreciate the effort that goes into sharing your ideas with us and we know they’re important to you. We carefully research each one before deciding where or not it is a feasible priority for us. Those that are will be published to the Product Portal. Those that are not feasible priorities at a given time are stored and organized in our internal workspace for constant re-evaluation. Aside from technical feasbility, here are some other factors we consider on whether or not to move an idea forward:

  • Does this idea feed into a common theme in the Product Portal?

  • Does this idea feed into a common theme encountered by our Support team?

  • Is this idea relevant to a trend in our domain?

  • How would this idea connect to what our competitors are doing and our positioning?

We Value Your Input

Your ideas, voting and feedback is vital in helping us:

  • Learn about what our customers want and feel is important

  • Shape where Ardoq is headed next, even if your request does not become a feature, it still informs our internal evaluation process

  • Connect up deeper issues with the platform so we know we are addressing the most impactful areas at all times

  • Pave the way forward on our no-dates product roadmap which offers more flexibility, making us nimble and able to meet your ever-evolving needs and priorities

If you have any questions, reach out via our website or by using the in-app chat. 💬 We're happy to help.

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