How to Introduce Ardoq Discover to a Wider Organization

Learn how to setup access to Ardoq Discover for your stakeholders and setup their viewpoints and dashboards.

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Whether you've just become an Ardoq customer or have recently purchased extra Ardoq Discover licenses, you might want to make the transition to the new enterprise architecture knowledge base as efficient and clear for your colleagues as possible.

Below, you'll find a few basic steps that could make your journey as an admin and the journey of your users in Ardoq easier.

Step 1. Understanding who will use Ardoq Discover and creating the relevant viewpoints and dashboards for these stakeholders.

If you already know how your colleagues will use Ardoq Discover and have already created relevant viewpoints for them, then you can skip this step. If you haven't done this yet, we recommend you read the "Building Your First Viewpoint" guide first.

Additional content that could help you get started:

2. Share dashboards and reports with Discover users.

4. Broadcast the viewpoints to automate your workflows.

Step 2. Setting up the default viewpoint for different component types.

The purpose of the default viewpoints functionality is to provide the most relevant insights (in the form of viewpoints) to stakeholders. Read this guide for more information.

Step 3. Grant Access to Ardoq Discover.

Use the Ardoq Discover privilege to grant your stakeholders access to Ardoq Discover and decide what kinds of insights you'd like to share with them.

Step 4. Describe Ardoq Discover to your stakeholders.

Briefly describe the processes you want to implement in Ardoq Discover to help your colleagues better understand the purpose of the tool and what they can do there.

You can also use the template we attached at the end of this page. *

Step 5. Option 1: Send invitations to your stakeholders providing more context about the use of Ardoq.

Below, you can find an email template you can use to create your own message and share it with people who you want to start using Ardoq Discover. This is just an example. Please feel free to make any changes to make it more personalized.

Title: I Just Granted You Access to Ardoq Discover

Hi {User name},

I have just added you to the <org name> organization in Ardoq.

This powerful software gives us all a better overview of our organization through easy access to real-time, contextual insights.

Watch this one-minute video to find out what our new tool can do for you.

Thank you very much for your commitment and support, which enabled us to get Ardoq Discover up and running quickly.

πŸ‘‰ As a next step, please read this guide that will help you to get started with Ardoq Discover.

Brief overview of how we implemented the new {example: Architecture Portal for IT Governance {Your Outcome}, you can download this file below *}.

Best Regards,


Step 5. Option 2: Send a simple broadcast to your stakeholders.

Configure a short intro broadcast announcing Ardoq Discover, along with a short survey with simple questions that don't have dependencies on existing workspaces, e.g. Idea collection, simple feedback request, do you understand what EA does?, etc.

* Introducing Ardoq Discover Internally [In Slides] πŸ‘‡

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