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Embedding Presentations and Surveys into MS Teams
Embedding Presentations and Surveys into MS Teams

Use built-in or custom tabs to integrate Ardoq in Microsoft Teams for better insights and collaboration.

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Embedding Ardoq into Microsoft Teams enables users in your Teams channels to consume Ardoq insights or collaborate. Under the customs tab option, it is possible to add a website link tab. The website tab allows users within a channel to access Ardoq. To add a website tab, the URL must start with an https prefix so that information that is is being exchanged remains secure.

Add the website tab by clicking on the + button. Click the “Website” and enter the URL.

ardoq embed
ardoq dashboard

You can follow the same guidelines to also create website tabs for presentations and surveys. Access to surveys and presentations depends on the role and permission a user has in Ardoq. This enables people in your Teams channel's to consume Ardoq insights or collaborate via our Survey. You simply use the absolute URL for the Presentation and/or Survey respectively.

Develop custom tab

If the integration requires more in-depth it is possible in addition to using the built-in website tab, to develop a custom tab. The custom tab allows you to design and develop your own tab to integrate Ardoq with Teams. Developing Microsoft Teams apps requires an Office 365 tenant, Microsoft Teams configured for development, and the necessary tools. More about how to create a custom tab here

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