Websockets in Ardoq

Enable a persistent connection between a client and server for real-time collaboration (and other functionalities) in the app.

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Ardoq uses websockets to power real-time collaboration and some other functionality in the app.

If your system or network does not support websockets, you will see this message

Ardoq websockets

This is likely caused by a firewall blocking websocket connections, but could also be due to a browser add-on that blocks the connections.

Many corporate networks and firewalls will block websocket connections.

What happens when Ardoq can't establish websocket connections?

Without a websocket connection to the Ardoq servers, the Ardoq app will not be able to use real-time collaboration functionality. Some additional features will also be broken, such as workspace creation and bulk deletion.

Websockets are an integral part of the Ardoq application, and the app will seem broken when they don't work.

For network administrators

To ensure Ardoq works well for your users, please verify that websockets works. One way to check general websocket functionality is to use a test site.

If your network has a firewall that blocks websocket connections, you should allow websocket connections to all domains matching *.ardoq.com or *.us.ardoq.com or *.uae.ardoq.com or *.au.ardoq.com.

Please open a chat support session if you have further questions.

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