Manage Component Types and Metamodel

Learn how to change the name, color, shape, or image of your components within your model to reflect your organization's framework.

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Every Workspace has a Metamodel with a certain set of component types. The name, color, shape, or image of these can be changed to reflect the framework or the way your organization understands the architecture. They can also come straight out of the box by choosing templates when you click on create a new Workspace.

In this example, I chose the template for "Application Portfolio", and this gives me one component type named Application.

I can see this when clicking on the menu in the upper right corner and Workspace:

Ardoq metamodel preview

Now I want to change this, so I am clicking on "Manage component types and metamodel" in the menu selection:

Ardoq edit metamodel for applications

Currently, I have one component type, called Application. It is represented in blue and my shape is the one of an Archimate application component.

I want to change the name, the look, and add another component type. Check out the video below to see how this is done.

After you are done, there's no need to save. Just click on the X in the upper right corner and you have changed your metamodel. This can be updated at any time, and the component with the style you change will change the style.

If you still have questions or need more information, browse our Knowledge Base or reach out to us from our website or using in-app chat.


How can I make a component type a child type of another if I didn't originally do this in the workspace? E.g. I want Risk Category to be a parent for System Risk

  1. Rename System Risk to System Risk 2

  2. Create a child under Risk Category called System Risk

  3. Go to Grid Editor, select Show all components

  4. Sort rows by column Type

  5. Change Type of rows with System Risk 2 to System Risk

  6. Go back to component editor and delete System Risk 2

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