Find a powerful way to show more information about the components hierarchy, as well as get a clearer view.

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Adding Grouping to your Views can be a powerful way to show more information about the components hierarchy and give a clearer view.

P.S.: Block Diagram is also an interesting option.

First access the Perspectives Menu:

Click Manage and then Groups.

A popular grouping rule that works very well in the Block Diagram view is grouping by Parent All and Workspace. You also have the possibility to re-order the components as you would like. Let's choose that for this example:

Click Save and then Save perspective.

All your saved perspectives can be found in the dropdown menu.


This view gives you more insight into the top level of the components you are looking at. (Make sure you have included all the parent references in the filter!)

Ardoq grouping view

Grouping by Reference

When you select grouping by reference, you then have to select the target workspace, the type and direction of the reference, and a label to narrow down the result. The components in the workspace will then be grouped.

When grouping by references, the following message may be displayed. This is normal and can be ignored.

“Some of the grouping rules have created duplicate components.

This can be confusing at first, but it is normal for some grouping rules to result in duplicated components. Grouping by reference type or by parents are common grouping scenarios which often produce duplicates.”

This is due to references having a circular path. A possible workaround for this is to try to switch the direction on one of the grouping rules.

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