Show components arranged by their workspaces and parent components, or apply grouping rules to view new Swimlanes.

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The Swimlanes view looks a lot like the Block Diagram view, but it is a different way of grouping the components. By default, the view shows Components arranged by their Workspaces and parent Components.

Ardoq swimlanes


You can add any grouping rule to change how Swimlanes are generated.

In this case, we used a the grouping "by Component type", this shows the Process lined up based on the component type:

Ardoq swimlanes grouping
Ardoq swimlanes

Grouping by a Field Value is another popular way to create Swimlanes. Each lane can represent a value from a field. For example, the lanes can display the departments responsible for each Component.

Ardoq grouping swimlanes by a field value

Swimlanes View Settings

To arrange the Swimlanes vertically, simply click the toggle button on the view settings toolbar.

Ardoq swimlanes view settings

The view settings toolbar also features a tool to limit the degrees of relationship displayed in the graph. This is useful for getting a simpler view of a large graph.

Ardoq swimlanes view settings toolbar

The sort order of swim lanes is determined by the current context and the Components which are referenced by it. Alternatively, the swim lanes can be sorted alphabetically using the toggle button on the view settings toolbar.

Ardoq order swim lanes

Selection and Interaction

Right-clicking on any component in the view will open Ardoq's standard Component context menu. Multiple components and references can be selected by holding Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and left-clicking the objects in the graph. Multiple selection is also possible using the marquee select action. To marquee select, hold Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows), left-click, and drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button.

When components and/or references are selected, right-click to open the Ardoq context menu with contextual actions related to your selection.

Ardow swimlanes selection and interaction
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