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Merge, Versioning, Conflict
Merge, Versioning, Conflict

Find out how you can reach the menus for components in order to view the complete history of revisions.

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Q: How do I show other versions?

There are a couple of ways to reach the menus for components that allow you to view the complete history of revisions.

  • You can Right-Click any Component or Reference and click “View History”:

  • Click the Menu icon in the Pages view or navigation bar.

Ardoq view history

You will then be shown the last revisions of the object you are editing.

Ardoq latest revision

Q: What happens if somebody changes the component or reference I’m working on before mine is saved?

The server will send a 409 – Conflict response code – and we will present you with a visual diff of the conflicts. You can choose which content should be entered by copying the changed value by clicking the arrow button. All of the fields that have changed will be shown.

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