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Manage asset access and change approval requests, and stay on top of assigned survey tasks.

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Welcome to the Notification center โ€“ your central hub for managing asset access requests. Soon, you will be able to manage change approval requests too.

This feature is in beta. We value your feedback to make it even better. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us at or through the in-app chat.

Table of contents:

How to Access the Notification Center

Given that you are an admin or writer user with the Administrator permission on an asset, you can find the Notification center (bell icon) in the top right corner of your screen, accessible from any page in the app.

What You Can Get Notified About

Receive notifications about:

At the moment, you can only approve access requests from the Notification center. However, we will soon introduce support for approving changes to the architecture.

Take a look at the KB articles linked above to learn more about each notification type.

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