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How to Request and Approve Access to Assets
How to Request and Approve Access to Assets

Find out how to request and approve asset access right from Ardoq.

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Request asset access directly within Ardoq and notify only the relevant users who have the authority to grant access. If you have Administrator permissions, you can quickly approve asset access requests with just a few clicks.

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How to Request Access to An Asset

You can request access to an asset by clicking on the “Request access” button available across Ardoq and Discover. Depending on your location in the app, you may see a full-page prompt where you can provide a description and clarify your need for access to the asset.

  • What type of assets can I request access to and what permission level will I get assigned?

You can request access to surveys, workspaces, reports and dashboards in Ardoq Discover under certain circumstances. When an asset access request is approved, you are automatically granted the default minimum permission on that asset, which is determined by the access point the user requested access from. Explore the details of each permission level and what it enables users to do in this KB article.

Request access to

Assigned permission

Surveys when opening them from an invite email.

Submit survey answer permission

Reports in Ardoq Discover when opening a Discover report URL.

Read-only permission

Dashboards in Ardoq Discover when opening a Discover dashboard URL.

Read-only permission

(Coming soon) Workspaces from the Survey builder when missing Administrator permission on the underlying workspace.

Administrator permission

(Coming soon) Workspaces from the Viewpoint builder when missing Read-only permission on the underlying workspace.

Read-only permission

  • Who gets notified when I request access to an asset?

Only admin and writer users with the Administrator permission on the asset you are requesting access to are notified through the Notification center in Ardoq.

  • How can I request a specific permission level?

It is currently not possible to request a specific permission level. However, you can detail the permission you need in the description box when requesting access from a full-page prompt.

How to Manage Asset Access Requests

  1. Open the Notification center located at the top right corner of the screen. It is available for admin or writer users with the Administrator permission only.

  2. Next, click on the notification. You will be presented a new modal where you can choose how to grant access to the requester. Please note that you can only:

    1. See and approve requests for assets you have the Administrator permission on

    2. Grant the default minimum permission (learn more in the section above). You can’t modify the permission assigned from the Notification center but can modify it from the Home or relevant overview pages. Find out more in the section below.

  3. Choose between:

    1. Assigning a permission to the requester: This option will grant access to the requester only.

    2. Assigning a permission to a user group the requester already belongs to: This option will give all the users in the group access to the asset, not only the requester.

    3. Reject the request: This option denies the requester access to the asset. Denying access to an asset doesn’t notify the requester. They are only notified via email when their request has been approved.

On the other hand, when other Administrators open the same request from the Notification center, they will be informed that the request has been handled already.

You can also dismiss a notification from the Notification center by clicking on the 'x' button when hovering over a notification. Dismissing a notification takes no action. It simply removes the notification from your feed without notifying the requester. Keep in mind that it's possible to request access to the same asset multiple times, so you might see the same notification in your feed again.

How to Grant a Different Type of Asset Permission

While you can't change the default minimum permission when approving requests in the Notification Center, you can choose a different permission from the Home or relevant overview pages.

To assign permissions from the Home page or the relevant asset type overview page:

  1. Click on the three-dot menu next to the name of an asset

  2. Select “Permissions”

  3. Type the name of specific users or of a group and assign them a permission. Keep in mind that assigning a permission to a group will give all current and future users in that group access to the asset.

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