IP Allowlisting

Learn how to allow a list or range of trusted IP addresses to restrict the Ardoq login and API access.

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Add an extra layer of security to your Ardoq data by allowing logins and API access from a list or range of trusted IP addresses only.

With Ardoq's IP Allowlisting, you can:

  • Allow people with an specific IP address to make API requests only

  • Allow people with an specific IP address to make API requests and login

*We currently don’t support login access only.

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Why Enable IP Allowlisting?

Enhance your cloud security by combining your own internal enterprise security policies with Ardoq’s existing security practices. Blocking unauthorized access to your Ardoq organization and API, helps you reduce the risk of potential data breaches.

With IP Allowlisting, you can:

  • Secure on-site and remote access. Enable on-site and remote employees to safely access your Ardoq organization through approved networks only. For remote employees, you can authorize the external IP of your VPN provider.

  • Restrict API access and prevent API abuse. Ensure that programmatic access to your data is only possible from specific machines, servers, and services. Avoid attacks such as account takeovers, denial of service attacks, or code injections.

  • Have better access control. IP allowlisting is a more efficient approach to avoid security risks and threats than blocklisting. Protect your data against any unauthorized login attempts, not just known, identified threats.

How to Allow IP Addresses?

IP Allowlisting is available on the Enterprise plan only. You need the Admin user role to configure a list or range of IP addresses.

⚠️ Please make sure to allow your own IP address first to avoid accidental lockout. You will need to contact Support to enforce authorized IP addresses.

allow ip addresses
  1. Navigate to "Preferences > Organization Settings > Manage Organization > Manage IP Allowlist" in the Ardoq app.

  2. Select the “Add new” tab.

  3. Enter the IP addresses you wish to authorize. Make sure to have included your own.

  4. Choose whether to authorize access for API requests or API requests and login.

  5. Click “Save” to save authorized IP addresses.

  6. Contact our friendly Support team to help you enforce your saved IP addresses. Simply navigate to the left side bar and click on the chat icon to start a new conversation.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via the in-app chat or at support@ardoq.com.

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