My Tasks in Ardoq Discover

My Task in Ardoq Discover is the list of components that have been sent out through the survey-based broadcast to the targeted audience.

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In order to maintain up-to-date information in Ardoq and ensure the smooth operation of processes, Ardoq administrators utilize the power of surveys and broadcasts. Consequently, stakeholders receive email reminders to update information in Ardoq.

It can be challenging for stakeholders to complete surveys the moment they receive them, so they often decide to revisit the email later when there is more time. Locating the right email in their mailbox can be a challenge. Thus, we have decided to consolidate the components sent out to an individual with a broadcast with an update request in one place, known as “My Tasks” in Ardoq Discover.


How My Tasks in Ardoq Discover Works

My Tasks in Ardoq Discover is the list of tasks a user have to complete.

"Tasks" are generated by broadcasts based on the components of the surveys and targeted audience selected in the broadcast. Thus, one task is created for each component that needs to be updated as a part of the survey.

How to Create a Task

The tasks can only be created by users with administrator role.

Step #1. Create a broadcast

❗️These are the two prerequisites for creating a task. Only broadcasts configured in this manner can generate tasks in Ardoq Discover:

  • Select a survey as a content type.

  • The audience must be selected from the targeted audience list.

Step #2. Save and launch your broadcast.

If you want to send it immediately, make sure you press "Send now" button.

The lists of tasks will momentarily appear on the My Task page in Ardoq Discover!

How Users Can Access and Complete My Tasks

Users can navigate to the my task page either from the Ardoq Discover search page widget or directly from the broadcast email they receive.

Link in the broadcast email:

The My Tasks widget is a section on the Ardoq Discover search page that is visible to users who are part of the “targeted audience” of the broadcast with a survey selected as a content and displays the list of pending tasks they have to complete. Therefore, for now, tasks will prompt users to update information around a component via a survey.

❗️This widget will appear only for those users, who have ever received surveys when selected as Targeted Audience of a broadcast.

The list of tasks are placed on the My Tasks page in Ardoq Discover where stakeholders can view all their tasks.

The tasks are split into three sections: "View All," "Pending," and "Completed." The tasks in the "Pending" section are equivalent to the components a person must update as part of the survey sent to them through a broadcast.

Once response is submitted, the task moves to the Completed section of the My Task page where user can review the list of all completed tasks.

In case a submitted task requires admin's approval, the "Pending approval" tag will appear next the component name.

Once all the tasks are completed, the My Tasks widget on the Ardoq Discover search page will no longer display any tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Tasks in Ardoq Discover

How to Rename a Task?

In the My Task widget, the subject of the task is the name of the component, and the description is taken from the subject of the broadcast:

So if you want to change the name of the task, you have to change the name of the component, which most likely you'd want to avoid.

💡 Use the survey subject line to provide your stakeholders with clear and concise context.

Who Has Access to My Tasks in Ardoq Discover?

Only users who have been part of the “targeted audience” of the broadcast with a survey selected as a broadcast content type will see the My Tasks widget on the Ardoq Discover search page. For other users, this section will not be displayed:

My Tasks is a personalized feature, which means that each user can only see their unique task list and will not have access to the tasks of other users.

How to Disable My Tasks in Ardoq Discover?

If you have access to Ardoq Discover and Broadcasts in your organization, My Tasks is enabled by default. However, if you’d like to disable it, on the Ardoq Discover search page, go to Configure Discover > Page content > Turn the “Display My task” toggle off.

Why Did Some of My Tasks Disappear?

Tasks only appear if the broadcast is currently 'running' or 'done'. If the broadcast is unpublished, then any tasks linked to it will disappear (until it's launched again).

Completed tasks will stay under the 'Completed' section until the next time the broadcast that created them is triggered.

What's next?

This release focuses on bringing tasks to Ardoq Discover and facilitating easier access for a wider audience. In the coming months, we'll be incorporating in-app reminders for contributors. To help us understand what’s important to you, please take a moment to fill out the survey.

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