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Moving Data Between Two Organizations
Moving Data Between Two Organizations

Learn how to create a bundle and copy your data or bundles between two organizations in the Ardoq app

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If you have more than one organization in Ardoq, it is possible to copy some or all of your data from one to another.

Note: Requires the Administration Feature toggle "Copy Workspaces Between Organization"

There are two ways to do this:

1. By copying individual workspaces

2. By using Bundles

  1. Copying workspaces

You can copy one or many workspaces at the same time and make a copy to the other org. This can be done either one by one or by putting several in one batch. First, make sure you are an Administrator in both Workspaces. Then, go to the Workspace Menu (in the organization you want to copy from) on the left side and choose Copy to organization.

Finally, choose the target organization (where you want to copy the workspaces to), choose workspaces you would like to move, and then click ‘Copy’. Now all the selected Workspaces should be copied over.

Ardoq copying workspaces to another organization

2. Bundle copy

The ‘Bundle’ feature in Ardoq also allows you to make a copy of your org and move the data to another org. You can find this feature under ‘Organization Settings’ > ‘Manage Bundles’:

Ardoq bundle copy organization and move to another organization

How to Create a Bundle

  1. Open ‘Manage Bundles’ and navigate to the left menu and choose ‘Create Bundle’.

  2. Provide a name, and then choose one or all the workspaces you would like to add to the bundle. You can include components, references, and a target folder for the workspace you have chosen.

  3. Select the associated Presentations, Surveys, Saved perspectives, Dashboards, or Broadcasts you would like to add. You can also include configuration settings for integrations.

  4. Finally, click on ‘Create Bundle’.

Note: While copying a survey, make sure you also copy the workspaces where the references point to.

Ardoq how to create and manage a bundle

You can now see the bundles you created under ‘Manage Bundles’. You can also make changes to the bundles you just created (edit or delete). To make a copy, click on ‘Copy to Org’ and choose the target org and also set permissions for the copied data (Read or Write). Finally, click ‘Copy’ and you will now have all the data copied in your target organization.

Note: Bundles do not copy a workspace that has already been copied, even if the name has been changed.

Ardoq how to edit and manage and organization

If you still have questions or need more information to enable bundles, reach out to us via our website or by using the in-app chat.

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