Branch or Copy Workspaces

Learn how to branch or copy your workspace and save yourself some duplicate work.

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A workspace can be copied to do analysis or “versioned” work. To copy a workspace:

  1. Verify you have the Create Workspaces privilege enabled

  2. Next, navigate to the Home page and click on the three-dot menu next to the name of the workspace you wish to duplicate

  3. Select “Copy”

  4. Give your new workspace a name and hit save

You can now open your duplicated workspace. To delete references or components in your new workspace, select one or multiple components from the left-side workspace navigator, right click on them and select Delete components.

Alternatively, select the workspace name in the left-side workspace navigator and open the Grid editor to see all components and references in this workspace. On the Components tab and References, select all components and references you wish to delete, right click on them and select Remove row.

Copy Workspaces to Another Organization

Copy workspaces to a different organization. You can copy a single workspace at a time or multiple workspaces in one batch.

To copy workspaces to another organization:

  1. Verify you:

    1. Have the Create Workspaces privilege enabled on both organizations

    2. Have the Administrator permission on all workspaces you wish to copy

  2. Next, hover over the Home page icon on the left-side navigation menu and select "Copy to organization"

  3. Choose the organization you want to copy to, and select all the workspaces you want to copy over.

  4. Finally, click the "Copy" button. Now, all selected workspaces are copied over to the selected organization.

If you still have questions or need more information, reach out to us via our website or by using the in-app chat.

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