What Is a Workspace?

Workspaces help you manage communication, permissions, and collaboration by grouping all of your components in one place.

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Workspaces are used to group or divide areas of your documentation into smaller, more understandable sections. Essentially, a workspace is a logical construct or collection that allows you to group all your components into one place.

You administer security and permissions based on who is allowed to edit and work with your data. It might be that you would like to group all your components by project, by department, or company wide. That’s up to you.

Table of contents:

Workspaces explained

Manage Workspace Data

You can have several workspaces reflecting the same structure and all workspaces can be connected with references. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does this area of documentation have natural teams for ownership/permission guidance?

  • If I share this with someone, will they be confused or overwhelmed with unrelated information?

We recommend breaking down workspaces into small and manageable subsets of your data. You don't want to bring in a business stakeholder and show them everything from strategy to data storage in the same way you don't want to bombard a system owner with capabilities unrelated to their work. Divide and conquer!

When you create a new component in a workspace, it will follow the metamodels used by the workspace. If you need to use multiple models in your project, you have to create a workspace per model.

Split Your Documentation Into Multiple Workspaces

In order to create maintainable workspaces and to allow your users to focus on their respective responsibilities, it can be very useful to split your data into multiple workspaces.

Copying or Branching Workspaces

Learn how to duplicate your workspaces within your organization and across organizations in the Branch or Copy Workspaces KB article.

If you still have questions about Workspaces, reach out to us! You can do so via our website or by using the in-app chat. We're happy to help.

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