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Learn everything there is to know about adding, renaming, and managing your organization's fields.

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Refer to the article about Fields for an in-depth explanation about fields in Ardoq.

You can add fields to components and references from the Grid Editor and the sidebar menu (seen below).

When a thing is identifiable by a single field value it can be a field; but when that field value itself has dependent field values it needs to be broken out as a separate component connected via a reference. Example: A Server component has a field on it called 'Operating System' e.g Windows, Linux. But when you want to record the support dates of the Operating System, then Operating System needs to be a component in its own right.

You can manage fields for the workspace model via the sidebar menu by clicking on "Manage fields types" (1).

Ardoq manage field types

This will show you all fields created for this model and Workspace. Click Edit (1) or Delete (2) on any field to do trigger the respective action. Click and drag anywhere (3) on a field to rearrange it and click Add field (4) to create a new field.

Note: it is not possible to rename fields because it would break the API schema, so choose names carefully. To migrate data from an existing field to a new field, scroll to the bottom of this article.

Ardoq add field

Remember that fields are Global, meaning they can be found in other Workspaces after they have been created once. In order to find a field already created for another Workspace, just start typing (1) or click on the drop-down menu to see all fields created (2).

Ardoq created fields

Manage organization fields

Because fields are global in your organization, it can sometimes be useful to have a look at all of the fields that have been defined.

You can find this overview by accessing the Manage fields (3) in the Organization settings menu (2). Please note that this is only visible to the organization administrator.

Ardoq manage fields
Ardoq mange fields

By hovering the workspace count, you can see which workspaces are using the field:

Ardoq workspaces fields

The view allows you to delete fields across all workspaces. When you click Delete it will first show you a warning and list where the field is in use:

Ardoq delete fields from the organization

Renaming and changing the type of fields

Renaming and changing the type of fields are not possible due to technical constraints. To do this, all you need to do is to create a new field to replace the old one and copy over the data. This can be done easily in three steps:

  1. Create new field

  2. Copy over the data

  3. Delete the old field

The fastest way to copy over the data to the new field is by using the Grid Editor

First press Select fields (1) and choose Hide all (2), then select your fields (3, 4 & 5).

Ardoq renaming fields

Then mark the existing field column by clicking it once (1), then copy the contents (2), click the first cell in the column with the new field (3) and paste the contents (4).

Ardoq changing fields types

That should be it. Remember to delete the old field once you have confirmed that the copy of the data has been successful.

FAQ: How to Reorder the fields

To accomplish this task, it is necessary to manually relocate the fields to the uppermost section of the list, arranging them alphabetically using the "manage field types" section. By selecting and holding the (double vertical ellipsis symbol) in the highlighted position, the fields can be moved to the top, ensuring their placement in alphabetical order according to the existing functionality.

Following this action, the list of fields will be displayed in alphabetical order, appearing after the default fields in the grid editor.

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