Presentation Specific Filters

Understand what content will be part of a long-living presentation and ensure that unrelated content from new workspaces is kept out.

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Presentations are live and up-to-date with the data you store in Ardoq. If you make changes like additions or deletions to any of the workspaces shown in a presentation slide, you will find that the changes are instantly reflected in the slide when you load the presentation.

However, whenever you save a presentation slide we apply some filtering rules to it to ensure that unrelated content from new workspaces is kept out of the presentation. This will make sure you have better control over your data and also it makes sure that pre-existing presentations will not show unintended or classified information inadvertently.

Ardoq presentation filtering rules

If you have created new workspaces that you want to show in an existing presentation, your next step is to update the presentation. To update workspace filters to include content from a new workspace, tick off the workspace(s) in the quick filters and then on the slide itself, press "Replace the slide with current new view".

Ardoq replace slide with current view
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