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How to Create and Share a Presentation
How to Create and Share a Presentation

Learn how to create professional-looking presentations to share live data with your internal and external stakeholders.

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Presentations are an easy and visually appealing way to present your live data to both your internal or external stakeholders.

Presentations are always up to date with the data in Ardoq. Any changes made to any workspace shown in the slides are immediately reflected when loading the presentation.


Step-by-step Guide

1. Add a view as a slide to create a new presentation

Once you have modelled your data in the desired view, whether in the mainline or in Scenarios, navigate to the upper right corner of your screen, click on the 'Export' button and select 'Add to presentation' for the 'Add slide to presentation' pop-up to show up.

add to presentation in Ardoq

Click on the dropdown and type in the name you want to give to your new presentation. Next, hit enter to create it and you will be taken to your new presentation.

add slide to presentation in Ardoq

🚨 Note: Presentations and workspace filters.

Workspace filters are extremely useful when modelling a graph as they allow you to filter out entire workspaces and their components that are not relevant for the story you are trying to tell.

However, when you add a view that doesn't have workspace filters set, all connected workspaces will be included by default. In other words, only the workspaces that have references to/from the selected component will be included. This is to make sure all the available data in the view is shown in your presentation slide. Learn more about the specific filters you can apply to presentations.

To edit workspace filters, simply navigate to the quick filters section on the bottom left corner of your screen and expand the 'Workspaces' box. Alternatively, click on 'Perspectives' (eye icon), select 'Manage > Filters'.

Please note that this will modify the graph in your view but won't update your presentation slide. To update it, follow the instructions on step #5: 'Make changes and replace slides to update them' in this article.

Ardoq edit workspace filters

2. Add a view as a slide to an existing presentation

To add a slide to an existing presentation, simply search for the name of the presentation in the dropdown list. Alternatively, navigate to the upper right corner of your screen and click on the 'Presentation editor' button.

Ardoq presentation editor

Open the presentation you want to add the view as a slide. Next, make sure you are on the desired view you wish to add as a slide and select 'Add this view as a slide' on the bottom right corner of your screen.

ardoq block diagram presentation

3. Add a dashboard as a slide to an existing presentation

Navigate to 'Dashboards' (the second icon on the blue navigation bar located on the left of your screen), select the dashboard you wish to add as a slide, click on the three vertical dots ( ⋮ ) next to the name of your dashboard and choose 'Add to presentation'.

Ardoq add dashboards to presentations

4. Add details to your slide

You can add an optional description to each slide which will appear at the bottom of the slide. Remember to click on the Save icon. Use # for Headline text.

Ardoq add details to slide

5. Make changes and replace slides to update them

If you need to make changes to a slide added to your presentation, first navigate to the relevant view you want to update your slide with. Next, click on the 'Replace slide with current view' button on the slide you want to make changes.

ardoq presentation slides

6. Copy slides from one presentation to another

If you want to reuse existing slides from other presentations, open the “More actions” menu located at the top right corner of each slide. Then click the “Copy to another slide” button. This will open a pop-up where you can select the target presentation from the dropdown menu.

How to reuse slides from one presentation in another

  1. Open the presentations menu.

  2. Select the presentation you want to copy the slides from.

  3. Scroll to the slide you want to copy.

  4. Click on the “More actions” button in the top right corner of the slide.

  5. Select the target presentation where you want to transfer the slide.

7. Define who can access your presentation

In the Presentation editor, go to the 'Details' tab and scroll down to the 'Access rights > Read Access' section to define who can view your presentation. Select between the following options:

If you set the read access to “Everyone with a URL”, the person accessing the presentation does not need to be an Ardoq user nor be part of your organization. On the other hand, if you set the read access to any of the other options above, the person accessing the presentation will have to log in to their Ardoq account.

Only organization admins can set a presentation as public. Please reach out to your CSM if you would like this option enabled for your organisation.

To define who can edit your presentation, expand the 'Write Access' dropdown in the 'Access rights' section instead.

8. Share your presentation

Click on the purple play button next to the title to start the Presentation mode and generate a link that you can share, link or embed it in an external webpage.

ardoq example presentation

Navigating Your Presentations

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now navigate through your presentations slides and toggle the description bar using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Next slide: Space , Enter , Right Arrow

  • Previous slide: Left Arrow

  • Toggle legend: L

  • Toggle description bar: D

  • Toggle explore mode: E

  • Toggle fullscreen mode: F

  • Zoom view to fit (if supported): Z

Ardoq remembers your description bar display preference and will apply it to all of your presentations.

Toggle Legend

Depending on the type of view your presentation slide is, you will see a 'Legend' button at the top right corner of your screen when on Presentation mode. Enabling it will pop up a legend for component types, reference types, and formatting rules whenever applicable.

Ardoq presentation toggle legend

⚠️ IMPORTANT: In the presentations, you only see components from the workspaces that were open open when the slide was created.

💡 TIP: Save your favorite presentations for easy access in Home. 🏠

Open the presentation overview by clicking on the Presentations icon on the blue navigation bar located to the left of your screen, find your favorite presentation and click on the star to add it as a favorite.

ardoq manage presentations

Find your starred presentations by navigating to 'Home' and filtering by 'Favorites'.

ardoq starred presentations

If you still have questions about Presentations, reach out to us! You can do so via our website or by using the in-app chat. We're happy to help.

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